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How to Know Whether You Have High Testosterone

Too much testosterone can damage your health, increase the chances of your engaging in dangerous behavior, and alter your body. If you have taken steps to enhance your testosterone levels, you may have fears of having gone too far. Even though you have never attempted to alter your testosterone levels, problems including hyperthyroidism can make it increase. However, you may not be sure of how to recognize the problem. Listed here are symptoms of increased levels of testosterone. You should keep reading for more information on common symptoms of high testosterone.

Skin problems or acne are the first sign. Hormones cause pimples in teenagers but it can occur at any stage of life. The skin contains sebaceous glands whose responsibility is to make sebum. When testosterone levels increase, a lot of sebum is produced. This sebum block pores, cause the skin to be oily and cause it to look like you will get spots, acne, or inflamed skin. If you suffer from acne, you need to look into your testosterone levels.

The second symptom is the high growth of facial hair. The reason explaining why women do not have beards but men do is testosterone. High testosterone increases the growth of body and facial hair. If you notice thicker beards, chest hairs you never had before, or new beard, the probability of testosterone levels having increased is high.

The number three symptom is the deeper voice. After boys at teenage hit puberty; they experience a break in their voices which makes them become deeper. In case your voice did not break when you hit puberty, notable alteration in your voice could mean high testosterone. However, the people whose voice broke at puberty can hardly note increased testosterone.

Increased sex drive is the number four symptom. Higher testosterone levels increase sex drive in most cases. In case you desire sex more, engage in sex than usual, notices issues including erectile dysfunction being resolved, or is flirtatious than usual, you are having high testosterone levels. Even though testosterone is essential for a healthy sex drive, one have to be sure the levels remain within the usual range.

The number five symptom is high levels of aggression. Testosterone can also affect the way the brain works. Researches show that high testosterone levels can increase aggression. In case you are raising your voice often, losing your temper occasionally, or you get into a fight, these are possible symptoms that you have high testosterone. In case you are taking testosterone, you should watch over your moods and behaviors to determine if it is within the acceptable levels.

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