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Clues of Finding the Best Whiskey

There are quite a number of reasons that may force you to buy some whiskey. You cannot possibly charge a whiskey based on its brand alone. This is why you need to be informed about what you will be looking for. Here are clues on how you will find the best whiskey for your party or personal use.

You should look at the age of that whiskey. The age is recorded on the bottle and you can tell the quality of that particular whiskey by just looking at its age. However, there are some whisky that doesn’t have an age statement. This kind of whiskey is considered to be young because its age is usually less than ten years, hence may lack age descriptions on the bottle. Young whiskey is more likely to be overpriced, or may be unimpressive when you drink it, hence there is need to avoid it at all costs. Therefore, you should only buy a young whiskey if you have used it before and you are sure it is what you want. If you are not used to that particular brand, then it is advisable that you choose a whiskey that has an age of more than ten years.

Before you decide to buy the whisky, it is important to look at the taste notes and other basic details about the whiskey. The bottle holding the whiskey will have a detailed description of the whiskey, right from its taste, up to its alcohol content. Many whiskey brands will use terms like nose and taste to describe how the whiskey tastes in your nose i.e. its smell, and how it tastes to your tongue when you taste it. Another very crucial info to look for is whether the whisky is smoky or not. If you see terms like peak, bonfire, or meaty on the bottle, they are an indication that that particular whiskey is smoky. You are supposed to know what to expect from the whiskey in advance, and make a decision on if you will be able to handle it or not.

Finally, it is very crucial to look at the alcohol content of that whiskey. You are likely to realize that whiskeys that have contents between 40-50{7f7b0206ef579875bd35610f3ae29ce6e3e0c5c3578c4c9f1600fbd97b665c0b} were mixed with some amounts of water before they were put in bottles. However, a content of more than 50{7f7b0206ef579875bd35610f3ae29ce6e3e0c5c3578c4c9f1600fbd97b665c0b} means that that whiskey the whisky has a cask strength, and there was not water added to it. A high alcohol content doesn’t indicate that the whiskey is of a better quality, and you can get a nice whiskey with a content of less than 40{7f7b0206ef579875bd35610f3ae29ce6e3e0c5c3578c4c9f1600fbd97b665c0b} The cask strength whiskey is more popular than the one that water was added to it before being bottled, because people believe that it of a better quality.

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