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Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus

When Jesus was still on earth, he promised his disciples that he would return but he never mentioned the day, date or time. He made it clear that he did not know when and it was only his father who knew of his return. He gave signs that would show the end of this system of things. Those were the signs of the end times and this is indicated down. When Jesus returns there will be signs that will both happen in earth and heaven. It would be a time of trouble for mankind during the last days. Below are various signs of the second coming of Jesus.

Many problems are being experienced on earth and these are signs that Jesus mentioned. He talked of nations rising against nations and kingdom against kingdoms. This is evident as many countries are engaging in war and as a result, many people have been killed in wars now than in historical times. Research showed that nearly 100 million people have been killed compared to ancient times which has been estimated at more than three times. Still, nations are fighting against each other and some are doing this to gain fame or even think that that they are engaging in a war to fight for what is rightfully theirs. You can be sure that there is a sign of the end and Jesus is surely coming soon.

The many bad conditions of the world just say it all. There is hunger all over and you might think there is enough produced but many people do not get food to eat. This is because they do not have money to buy the food they need or even the land to grow it on. Millions of children die each year because there is no enough food to feed them. Jesus talked about food shortages as a sign of this world ending. He also mentioned about earthquakes and this is seen in many countries. Many people lose their homes and even die as a result of earthquakes. The technology helps to determine when earthquakes will occur but still there are more deaths reported because of earthquakes.

Pain and suffering are experienced all over the world. There are many learned doctors but still, people die of deadly diseases. Jesus foretold that there would be pestilences. Doctors have even found many new diseases and unfortunately, some do not have a cure. People have also changed their way of living and some are selfish, lovers of money, violence, and children have become disobedient to parents. All these are signs that were foretold that would take place when the second coming of Jesus would be approaching. Many people are not following the Ten Commandments and like the days of Noah so are the days now. People have forgotten to do what is righteous and required of them. Very soon God will put an end to all these vile things that are happening and people need to be prepared and turn around in doing what is right. It is clear with all these happenings that those are the signs of the second coming of Jesus.

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