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Go with the Flow: How Wet Tapping Works

When it is time for you to tie into an existing water system, there are always two ways for you to do it which are either shutting down the system or you can tap the system while it is still performing. In most municipalities, the professionals there do not understand how the wet tapping concept works and this makes them use the traditional way of shutting down the entire system which might not be a very convenient way to do the task. This is a process that will also have to give them a lot of extra work since the water again will need some treatment as well as bacteria test to make sure it is safe for human consumption. This is per the Safe Drinking Water Act in the constitution and therefore, wet tapping is a suitable approach to this task since it is not very complex as thought to be and will not result in heavy tasks in place. Hence, have a look at the wet tapping concept, how it works, and the key benefits associated with wet tapping.

Wet tapping is all about tapping on the water main a valve which will have to control the water running at that line. This is what makes the main to be tapped. Since the valve will be closed, the water will not leak from the main which makes the entire process for you very simple and you shall not have to test the water again or do some boil orders that are usually needed when the main is dewatered. This is something that will make sure that the customers you have are still receiving water during their normal business hours regularly. But how does it work? Tapping is solidly fit at the water main where the ball valve is then installed and eventually left wide open. This process is very simple and there is nothing for the professionals to strain about provided that they are skilled and experienced in the work. There are many benefits that are associated with this approach which includes the continued supply of water to the customers all through the process and this is important when it comes to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Wet tapping is important if you want to avoid issues like unhappy customers since the pressure of the main is not affected during the process or even will not be impacted with the new taps that are installed to the main. When there are some wires cut on the main, these experts will make sure they remove them before they leave which is important to of the debris out of the main system. This is a process which is termed to be more costly than the regular fitting but effective when it comes to lasting longer. Therefore, this is the option which many authorities are not switching to due to the benefits and long-lasting effect that it has when done. It is now the right time for you to try incorporating wet tapping into the options that you have since you understand the benefits that you are expecting.

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