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Best Kind of Beards for Black Men

When talking about beards, a fact about it is that it never gets old. In fact, black men are embracing facial hair. It is in fact no wonder with why beards today could take your look to a new level due to the reason that it emphasizes your personality and your best features as well. There’s so many women who actually loved them because there are various styles of which are available. When you are considering the case of growing your beard or perhaps wants to change the style, below are some of the popular beards for black men.

Anchor Beard Style

A style like this is a pointed, goatee style and will be paired with a mustache and a combination like this creates the shape of an anchor, which would be where the beard gets the name from. This is likewise known as the ‘Tony Stark’ beard. Grooming is very important for the anchor beard and regularly trimming every section is crucial in order to maintain its shape. When you ever have a square, round or rectangular face, the anchor beard will be able to suit with you.

The Short Beard

On the short beard, this is where every hair will measure about one to two inches long. These would be popular for black men because it looks great with them and is easy to maintain as well. For those who could grow a uniform beard in fact looks great with the short beard style. Facial features are still going to be visible with the short beards, which is why it is crucial to consider visiting a barber so you will be able to talk with them which areas needs to be left shorter and longer. If you have a rounder face shape, it is best to leave the sides longer and if you have an angular face, longer hair in the center would be best.

The Biker Beard

The biker beard is one that comes with a dramatic look which is able to attract attention. This would involve shaping the beard so that it will be extra long at the chin and keeping its sides straight. If you grow a biker beard, it actually takes time and will require some extra care as well so that it could avoid looking messy. It is important to have it regularly trimmed and use moisturizing beard oil. For black men, avoid using oils that are lanolin-based because this can actually clog the pores.

The Chin Strap Beard

Chin strap beard actually differs from chin beards in several ways. The beard is actually shorter and is likewise neater and it may even extend along the jawline than simply at the center. It is likewise not a goatee style, meaning this is not going to be connected to the mustache. The chin strap beard is suitable for men who have a round face and who wish to define their chin and jawline.

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