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Chocolate Labrador Puppies: a Fun Addition to Your Family

The American Kennel Club has recognized three main colors for purebred Labradors and these are black, yellow, and chocolate. Chocolate Labradors are the rarest color variety of the three and for most of the time have been shunned in most competitions. The rich brown coloration of the chocolate lab is the direct result of one recessive gene, their brown is not constant however and can have rich variation in hues from light brown to dark chocolate brown. The chocoalate lab is a very friendly and kind puppy whose eyes are in shades of brown and hazel, full of trust and loyalty.

So what is it that you want to be expecting for exactly from the average purebred Labrador puppy. A puppy that is 8 to 12 weeks old will most probably be quite dependent and is going to adorably follow you around. He or she might even cry when separated from their owner, most especially at nighttime. And just like most babies, a Labrador puppy will constantly try to stuff his or her mouth with random things. But not like a human baby, a puppy will already have a full set of sharp puppy teeth, so if you have things that you don’t want to be chewed to shreds, put it somewhere your puppy cannot get to.

Your chocolate lab pup may display some dominance over his or her puppy peers but very submissive towards you. After all you are the leader. But for the mean time during the early puppy stages of your chocolate lab, you won’t have the privilege of being the leader just yet as puppies have very short attention spans.

Energy will ooze out of every body part of your puppy. They will have more energy than a human baby who is charged full with candy bars and soda. A lab puppy can get really playful and can make games out of anything they can find and will spend all their time playing until they get tired and fall fast asleep. And your puppy also needs to be house broken, so you should spend your time teaching your new pup where to go. Its always best that your puppy understands why you are scolding him or her.

Although funny internet videos and movies show that it’s actually kind of cute, never let your chocolate Labrador grow into an uncivilized brown dog, this should never be a norm as it can get very dangerous.. Its good that you train your chocolate Labrador puppy in his or her early stages, they are always eager to please their owners and are very intelligent so teaching them how to behave properly won’t even break a sweat.

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