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Navicular Disease in Horses

No matter how much you take care of them, you can never deny the fact that farm animals can still suffer from a health problem. For instance, horses can still contract ailments such as Navicular Disease. This disease is very common in horses but there is no need for you to worry if your horse catches this disease because it is curable and very easy to treat.

If you suspect that your horse has the Navicular Disease, you must first take a look at the symptoms that can help you determine if your suspicion is right. There are certain signs and symptoms that you can observe from horses suffering from this disease. Some of the most obvious and easy to spot symptoms include lameness in either one or both of your horse’s front feet. When your horse doesn’t seem to walk normally like it used to do, you should check on the lameness in one or both of the front feet because it can be an early sign of Navicular Disease. This syndrome can also cause stumbling due to uncomfortable gait so if you notice this sign with your horse, there is a higher chance that Navicular Disease is already taking effect.

When you take a look at the stance of your horse, you can notice an unevenness of the body when there is Navicular Disease. That is because instead of standing in a balance, a horse that is affected with this disease tends to put more weight on one side due to pain or lameness in one foot. Therefore, if you notice certain differences with the way your horse walks or stands, you should pay special attention to the health of your horse. The good thing about Navicular Disease is that it can be easily treated with the use of the right techniques intending. Certain treatments can be used for helping horses that are suffering from Navicular Disease and these include corrective trimming, shortening of the horse’s toe and the correction of your horse’s pastern axis.

With the help of such treatments, you can make sure that your horse can walk and stand normally. That way, you can defeat Navicular Disease in the best ways possible. However, there are also certain aids that you can use for the treatment of your horse suffering from this disease. For instance, you can use the egg or the frog bar shoes that can both help correct the stance of your horse. With the help of these corrective accessories, you can make sure that your horse will never have to worry about standing and walking normally because they can now balance their entire body by applying equal weight on the legs. When you use these shoes, it can sometimes take a while for the horse to get used to the corrective tool but as time goes on, your horse can learn to adjust with it.

You have nothing to worry about Navicular Disease in horses because, with the help of the right tools and proper treatment, you can make sure that everything can go well for your farm animals.

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Questions About You Must Know the Answers To