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How to Choose a College Marketing Firm

Marketing can be a demanding task that colleges tend to put in the back burner, especially when schedules get tight. This is how marketing agencies count – so you can focus on your actual job as educators.

But certainly, not all marketing companies are made the same, which means you have to consider a few basics before making a choice.

Your Needs

You can’t hire a marketing agency without first being clear on what your goals are. For instance, if your social media efforts don’t seem to be going anywhere, find a company that is known for being a beast in this area of digital marketing. It would be a huge waste of time, energy and resources to work with a company whose expertise is not well-aligned with your needs.


Entering into a marketing partnership without first knowing your costs can have disastrous consequences. Instead, come up with a logical and detailed budget and have your potential marketing agency take a look. See how they react. If they seem enthusiastic and show willingness to work within your financial limitations, that’s a positive sign that they are sincere in helping you and don’t just want your business.


Marketing can be a jungle, especially in digital terms. Of course, you can study it yourself, but do you actually have the time, let alone the interest? With a marketing agency, you’re trusting people who know their stuff, which is critical to your campaigns’ success. After all, that’s what they do. They can spend all of their working time looking for new strategies, examining reports, etc.


Running a school is no walk in the park either, so the company you hire must also understand your own challenges and be prepared to roll with you. Surely, you need to ask them questions as you’re considering to hire them, but they have to be equally, if not more, interested in you too. The more they know and understand what you do, the more effective they can be in their roles.

Values and Business Philosophy

Lastly, everybody knows that working with people who are from another place can be insanely exhausting. Remember this before deciding on a certain marketing company for your college. They should have a solid background working with other colleges before so you can work harmoniously. As well, they must have a business network that has value to you as far as your marketing goals are concerned. Most importantly, do you have good rapport with them? All these are crucial in building a successful relationship and eventually, successful campaigns for your college.
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