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5 Important Steps to Take Before Taking your Computer for Computer Repair

In case your PC or laptop is acting up again, there are important steps you must take before consulting computer repairs. In case it is not related to software problems, you are probably looking at hardware problems. Before you go for a visit to your local computer repair, it is important to ensure you make a few preparations. Below are a list of things you should consider before going for a computer repair:

1. Selection of Trust for Who Works on Your Device

Contrary to popular opinion, not all repair shops are developed equal. A trustworthy business with a long history of serving clients is a preferred option compared to a starter down the street who fixes computers in his basement. Furthermore, you should be very selective of which repair shop you plan to seek their repair services.

You should consider whether the specific repair shop has a privacy policy. This is important in ensuring that while entrusting your device to their care, your data is also protected and secured. You should inquire on measures taken in case of a breach of the privacy policy in terms of confidential data. The information will be helpful in discerning which repair shop is preferred.

2. Data Backup

With the possibility of losing your data during the repair phase, you should take the extra step of securing your data before handing your device for repair. To completely ensure that your data is completely secured, you should ensure that all the contents in the device have a copy. This is a recommended procedures by most computer repairs shops.

Data loss is a common complaint for most customers that bring their devices to computer repair shops. Data loss can be caused by much more than just a hardware malfunction, however a solid backup with a disaster recovery strategy is helpful in minimizing these effects.

3. Removal of Personal Data Before Repair and Encryption

Regardless of the trustworthiness of the repair shop, there are chances of data loss in terms of personal information is a common complaint. To ensure that your data is fully protected and secure from theft or loss, it is important to ensure that all these data is erased from your device. It is a simple process to encrypt all your data from access by third parties. In case of an extraction of your data from your device, all they will get is an indecipherable mess.

4. Maintenance of Software Keys

In case you rely on different software solutions for continued productivity, this is especially important to take note of. There are chances that part of the repairing process is bound to wipe away essential programs from your device. Some dedicated keys hold important programs that ensures your device runs efficiently and smoothly without interruptions. It is therefore important to have these keys when reinstalling them later after the repair. The process also includes using part of the operating system of your device for further protection.

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