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Five Key Requirements of Genuine Wellness

The total state of wholeness a human being can aim for is known as wellness. Good nutrition and regular exercise are critical to wellness, but there are more pillars comprising holistic wellness.


Various components make up physical wellness, such as cholesterol levels, renal system, musculature, general stamina and more. Yearly physical exams at a doctor’s office work to track and control such wellness factors. Moreover, ?a physician may recommend seeing a specialist as well – for example, a neurologist or a gynecologist – if necessary.


In emotional wellness, a person is able to regulate and compartmentalize his emotions. Emotional self-regulation is the person’s capacity to know as well as manage his own feelings to towards people, things, events and life in its entirety. It helps one determine the triggers that cause emotional issues. Similarly, compartmentalization is a psychological mechanism in which a person is able to maintain a healthy sense of detachment from negative emotions, as when they go through a traumatic experience or its effects.


Humans are born to socialize. To put it simply, people will reach out to others because it’s natural for them. We all want to feel that we belong. Every time we engage in positive social interactions, we get a reward: belongingness or the feeling of it. This is basic positive reinforcement whose principle also rings true for toxic relationships being damaging to health, and happier relationships creating the opposite impact. Thus, to reach a state of total wellness, healthy social ties are critical.


Spiritual wellness can have a different meaning from one person to another, depending on their religious background. Nevertheless, this spirituality must receive time, attention and nourishment. It provides the person with a sense of being grounded.


Lastly, the human mind is as diverse as the body. For several people, the desire for intellectual engagement and thought-provoking socialization should be given the same priority as physical health needs. They are simply unfulfilled without. True enough, life depends so much on learning. Reading books or journals, listening to classical music, writing essays and all that – we become exposed to different ways of perceiving the world, especially those that run against what we’ve always believed, and it helps us grow. There is probably no activity as stimulating to human beings than cognitive engagement.

At the end of the day, we are all looking for complete wellness, and unless we improve ourselves in each of the above-mentioned aspects, it can never be achievable for us. Many will distract us, but we must maintain discipline to never lose focus.

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