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Identifying Forms of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an act that leaves the victim distressed and confused. It is something that can affect the victim for a long time, some even taking a lifetime to heal. In a bid to help the victims, sex assault lawyers work tirelessly towards ensuring the victims receives the justice they deserve. All over the world, there are qualified and professional sexual assault attorney always ready to take up such cases. As a victim, do not hold it, talk to an attorney. Sexual assault can occur in many places including in campuses. Several law firms take the job of representing campus students, teaching and non-teaching staff in sexual assault and harassment cases within the campus. Whenever you require a sexual assault attorney while at Raleigh NC., contact one of the many law firms such as Kevin S. Tewes. What are some of the forms of sexual assault?

Sometimes, a person with high authority position may take advantage of the position and use it to sexually harass people. For example, a lecturer in campus can be sexually involved with one of his students coercing the student to receive favors like high grades, pass exams, etc. Since the teacher holds a higher position that the student, the student may be left with no choice than to oblige. Same case with others in private or public offices who may feel they have high ranking posts and there are people below them who require assistance. In return, they ask for sex.

Another form of sexual assault is that which involves an adult and a minor. When we talk of a minor, that is a person who has not attained the right age to make such kind of decision, and to the state, is deemed as a minor. A child cannot be able to protect himself or herself from a sexually abusing adult. When this happens, these children will require an attorney to fight for their justice in a court of law. Another group of people who are prone to fall into the hands of sexually abusing people are physically disabled people or those suffering from mental problems. They may easily become a prey and will, therefore, require to be protected from the assaulter.

Sexually abused people may or may not portray signs of been abused. Some of them shy away and decide to keep it to themselves, probably for fear of victimization. At workplaces, sexually abused people often fail to report the cases probably for fear of losing their jobs or been victimized. It may become hard for a sexual assault attorney to identify such cases without the victim speaking out. The same case with children, they may fear to speak out especially when the attacker threatens them with strict consequences. To know is a child has been sexually assaulted, look out for such signs as withdrawal behaviors. All of a sudden, you may notice that the child is withdrawn and does not want to associate with people. At school or in campus if it is a teenager, the performance in class will significantly drop. The victim also looks depressed and holds themselves with such low esteem.

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