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English Words That You Have Never Heard Of

Whereas you may be of the opinion that you gained mastery of the English language, you will always come across words that you never thought that they existed. Those words may not be part of your comprehensive vocabulary but you will find them in the dictionary. It is in light of this that you can regard achieving fluency in English as a daunting task. This is not a challenge for only the people that the language is their second one but even for the native speakers. Expanding your vocabulary comes with its fair share of benefits such as the ability to comprehend more conversations which in effect boosts your self-confidence.

In as much as the English words that you never thought existed may sound weird to you, they have a way of injecting more life and vibrancy into ordinary conversations. In order to appreciate that ability, it is advisable to say the words loudly. That way, you will hear the peculiar combination of letters and numerous syllabuses. This will prove helpful to you more so if you are looking to perfect your proficiency in pronunciation. The purpose of this article is to list some of the words that you have never heard of so that you will not get lost in their meaning the next time that you come across them in a conversation.

One of the words that you have never thought existed in the kerfuffle. This is in spite of the fact that it has been in the English vocabulary as far back as the 1800s. The genesis of the word is believed to be the Celtic Irish which is the language that was used mostly by people residing in Ireland and Scotland. Kerfuffle is used to describe a form of an altercation between people that hold diverse opinions on a subject matter. It can also be used in place of bother, trivial, fuss or petty arguments.

When you hear people raising their voices in a room and appear to be evidently furious, you can describe that as engaging in a hullaballoo. That is one of the words that you never knew that it existed and can be used appropriately in place of uproar, bedlam, hue and cry or pandemonium. Even though a lot of people have never heard of hullaballoo, it has been in existence since the mid-18th century.

Some of the weirdest words such as the ragamuffin have their origin in the middle ages. This is a combination of two words and each has a distinct meaning. When used together, this can be used to describe a person that has a shaggy appearance due to the type of clothes that he is wearing. On the other hand, ragamuffin can be used on animals to indicate a scruffy look.

One of the ways that you can ensure that these weird words become part and parcel of your vocabulary is to put them into practice as much and often as possible. On the other, you can consider carrying a small notebook with you every time. This way, you will get the opportunity to record any new words that you find in a conversation.

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