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Merits of a Make Up Air Kit

If you have an establishment where control of the inside environment is essential then you need to invest in a make up air kit. Such environments include commercial kitchens and hospitals. These units basically the outdoor air into the space then conditions it to the inside environment. This replaces the air that is being pulled out by the equipment you have installed in the space. Without a make up air unit you’ll constantly be dealing with negative air pressure, quality problems, poor temperature control and even back drafting.

If there is more than one exhaust system in the kitchen a lot of air will be removed per minute. You cannot be removing air without having it replaced if you wish for things to run smoothly. Also, you need to have that replaced with fresh air. Note that if that does not happen the environment can become dangerous. It is even a more serious problem in places which are built to be air-tight. They lack the natural flow of outside air in space hence making the environment unsuitable for people and even for some goods. A make up air unit would be perfect in such a situation.

A make up air unit also gets rid of unwanted odors. Being in an environment with a certain odor for a long time may make you oblivious to them. However, some can be too unpleasant to tolerate or even ignore. You want to have an environment that does not make people want to get out of there within the shortest time possible. If they have to be working in the room for long you have to make it comfortable for the sake of productivity. Thus, you have to get a make up air unit in that case.

Another reason why these units are crucial is to prevent the problem of back drafting. Chimneys or draft stacks are meant to prevent such a problem but they are mostly installed in kitchens. If there are drafts that cannot escape to the outside environment they will end up back into the space. This means the people in the room will be breathing in dangerous substances. This can end up badly for everyone involved and it is not a situation you want to be in the middle of. Thus, you need to do the right thing by getting a make up air unit.

Air quality concerns should also make you think of getting a make up air unit. Air is one of the most essential things for the survival of every living thing. However, it isn’t just any air but rather good quality air. Therefore, you need to make sure that is the situation in your space. Consider that before you brush the idea off. You will assure everyone in the environment of good air quality if you have make up air units installed in the space. It will be a pleasure for them to be in the environment which will be beneficial to your establishment.

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