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How Pain Aids in your Growth

There is a tendency by human beings to always aim for growth. There are so many ways you shall see this growth. There is a link between that growth and the meaning of life. There is more to growth than the physical aspects we can witness. It takes into account the emotional, mental, and spiritual changes. What links all manner of growth is pain. Pain rarely misses where changes lead to growth. You shall find plenty of benefits from pain.

Pain comes at a time when you are expected to choose. The choice you make at that time determines the direction you shall take. If you shy away from the necessary change, and the pain that comes with it, there shall be no growth. But those who opt to go though it emerges anew at the end. You shall feel the pain for example of losing a relationship. Sticking with them is the best way for you to never progress to any new level.

You will also not shy away from seeking help. When you go through a tough time, or you fail, you develop a lot of humility. You shall start looking at things differently. They shall see the value in others, and not think of them through an adversarial light all the time. You can thus ask them for help when you feel you need it. This is how they will share more and help others. You will begin to focus on doing your best to get what you want, not putting others down to get there. Asking for help was never a sign of weakness, but rather, a sign of a person courageous enough to know their limits.

Pain shall help you find new ways of conquering problems. When you are facing tough times, you shall get to a point where you need to find solutions in the best way possible. You shall see new ways of handling the issue you would have otherwise not seen. This is when your imagination will come up with ideas you would not have conceived much earlier. You shall achieve more when you stop focusing on the pain in the pain, but to use the meaning in the pain to gain some direction.

Pain will also be what keeps your experiences fresh. We tend to hold on to the lessons that experience teaches us. We learn what to do and what not to do when we go through an experience. The memory of the pain shall bring back those lessons whenever needed. You shall take the time to fear less and take in more. You will go further than before, and do more than you thought you could manage.

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