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Reasons why Weed Smokers Experience Personal High

Weed is one of the recreational drugs that is highly used. Cannabis is mainly used for its high effect. Cannabis users usually undergo several stages of getting high. People will also get high in a different way whenever they use weed. It is good to know that cannabis use does not always bring about a good high effect rather on individual basis, it can cause worries and anxiety. Before you decide to take cannabis, you should know the various reasons that contribute to personal high.

You will experience a personal high feeling based on the method you use to consume weed. The effects of edible cannabis take longer to be felt. However, the personal high caused by edible cannabis can last longer compared to that resulting from vape pen and pre-roll. Vape pens and dabs will, on the other hand, cause a high effect that is difficult to deal with more so if you are a starter. The personal high resulting from cannabis will overwhelm you if you do not take time to understand the consumption method that suits you.

You can also experience a personal high based on the cannabis dose you take. You might however not know the right dosage to use as a newbie. It is therefore essential that you start at a low note so that you do not get a negative personal high.

Another factor that can make you experience a special personal high after taking cannabis is your tolerance. The experience you have in using cannabis is what entails your tolerance. To gauge your tolerance, you should start with small cannabis doses. With time, you will be in a position to test your tolerance based on your personal high.

Your personal high can also be because of the setting in which you use cannabis. It is important as a newbie to take cannabis in a safe place where you can easily get help or reassurance.

Personal high can also be a result of the type of cannabis you take. The type of cannabis you consume can be determined by your experience as well as your personality. Users who suffer from anxiety should for example avoid the sativa dominant strain. On the other hand, CBD will work better for those who want to get rid of hangover as compared to THC. It is therefore good to understand why you need to take cannabis so that you can choose the type that will suit your personal high.

Finally, your diet can also result to personal high effects of cannabis. You will experience adverse high effects if you consume cannabis on an empty stomach more so as a newbie.