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Pros of Poplar Wood in Interior Furniture and Fixtures

When it comes to furniture and fixture building, poplar or often referred as tulip poplar, white poplar, yellow poplar or dimensional hardwood, is very useful. This kind of hardwood is very commonly used in making cabinets, tables, flooring and other interior furniture and fixtures. In this kind of craftsmanship, poplar wood is very popular. If you have heard of this kind of hardwood, then you must already know the most reasons why. But if not, then below are the major reasons why poplar wood is the most suitable type of hardwood for furniture and fixtures.

Easy to Look For
It is a fact that poplar wood is very easy to grow especially in the Us which made this type of wood very popular. Poplar tree, by nature, grows fast. On top of that, maintaining this kind of wood is easy. It grows even with minimal maintenance unlike seasoned logs. You can easily cut and regrow this tree. For this reason, this kind of wood is very rampant in furniture and fixture building.

Smooth and Fine Grain
When it comes to interiors furniture and fixtures, the grain and smooth finish of the poplar wood is very perfect. It has a very flawless finish that adds to its charm. Using this wood for home interior is very preferable because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It has a very fine and smooth texture that adds to the beauty of your home.

Good length
Due to the length of the poplar wood, they are more suitable for long cabinets and flooring. Poplar wood is lengthy in nature. This can be purchased in sizes 16 feet and longer. It is more convenient to use since you will not have any issue with its length. With its length, carpenters or builders will not be limited. For home do it yourself projects, choosing this wood is highly preferable. Even if you are building not that tall projects, the spare can still be used for the next projects.

Durable Kind
One of the main reason why poplar wood is mainly used for residential or commercial interior is because of its quality.The quality of this hard wood can withstand harsh environment. It is safe to say that this type of wood can withstand fall or any other unintentional force depending on its thickness. If you compare it to oak, this kind of wood goes second. Which made it suitable for interior furniture and fixtures.

Convenient to Assemble
Last but not the least, poplar wood is a carpenter’s favorite because it is very easy to paint and very easy to accept nails and screws. Unlike other wood, this one is very easy to work with. When it comes to assembly and installation, this is a carpenter’s top pick.

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