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When to Call Garage Door Repair Services

The garage door forms one of the most useful sections of a house. It is constantly being opened and closed, to a point where we no longer notice it. But if it becomes difficult or impossible to open and close it, we take notice. You cannot afford to allow this to happen during winter. There are several reasons for a garage door sticking during cold weather.

You could be dealing with a blocked path. If snow or ice is caked on the path, the weight of the garage door may not be sufficient to push it out of the way. You therefore need to shovel the snow and ice outside the garage off the path often. An early morning shoveling is the best option.

Metal also contracts in cold weather. The garage door and the pulley system have metal bits which will contract, thus affecting how the door opens and closes. As the metal contracts and gets tighter, you cannot expect that door to function normally. A good remedy is to ensure proper maintenance on the door where it gets sufficiently lubricated. It is impossible to prevent the garage door from contracting under winter conditions. You will end up with a damaged door that needs immediate attention. You can check out this service for the best repair services.
There could be ice in the door panels. With the cold weather, the water that seeps into the panels will freeze, which makes it problematic to open or close the door. A good remedy is using a hairdryer to melt the ice there, liberating the door to move with ease. Be careful with the heat from the dryer, to avoid damaging the metal in the door structure.

There may also be a problem with the remote sensor. You may think that the door panels and other parts are the issues, when in reality the remote sensor is not transmitting as normal. Check to see if the remote sensor is transmitting normally. If there is still a problem with the door, you need to call in professional services. The experience and expertise of the garage door repair service will make it easier for them to identify where there is a problem. They will proceed to repair or replace the sensor if the situation demands it.

It can be quite irritating to wake up and find your garage door is not opening and closing as it should. Having to either put up with extreme cold temperatures, or not managing to get your car out of the garage is not something you want to deal with. You need professional intervention to help you find the problem and have it fixed.

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