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For some that do not know the concept of life coaching, it is a kind of profession that is very different as compared to counseling, advice, therapy, mentoring and consulting and life coaching usually addresses particular concerns in business successes, general conditions, and transitions of a client’s personal life. Life coaching is a kind of profession that normally focuses on personal projects, success in business and the general situations and transitions of a person in his or her life that is why this kind of profession is very different from the usual counseling. The profession in mentoring, consulting, advice, therapy and counseling is very much different from life coaching because in life coaching it focuses on the personal life of a person in terms of his or her general condition and transition in his or her life. If you want to live a happier and successful life, some people would like to undergo life coaching so that they would know what are the proper things to do in their personal life that is why examinations are done. Examinations are done when you undergo life coaching because the professional needs to know your challenges and problems in life in order to give you proper courses of action to live a happier and fulfilling life in order for you to be successful in your endeavors. There are some people who preferred to undergo life coaching because they want to know how to solve their challenges in life and to overcome some obstacles that need the guidance of other professionals in this kind of field now.

The initial format of life coaching is that the person has to go the professionals to undergo several consultations so that the professional can determine the current situation of the person then there will be constant communication through phone calls and emails as well. Some of the life coaching formats involve the consultation sessions between the professional and the person to be able to establish a working framework for both of them then there will be phone calls and emails that need to be constant and consistent between them. Constant communication through consultation sessions, phone calls, and emails must be present between the professional and the client and this is usually how life coaching works or this is usually the format for this kind of professional and consultation so that the problems can be determined and solutions can be achieved. In this kind of coaching, the coach serves as the alliance of the client and the coach usually gives back the answers or solutions to the client even though sometimes the client does not easily get the solutions. The coach in the life coaching session serves as the alliance of the client and sometimes the coach usually gives the solutions to the problem to the client so that the client can realize the solution to his or her problem in the reality of life. The coach believes that there are solutions to every problem of the client that is why the coach sometimes gives back the solutions or answers to the client so that the client can realize that the solutions are their already.

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