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Interesting Facts that You Need to Know About Koi Fish

Koi fish are some of the most interesting species of fish that you can find today. The country of origin of the interesting Koi fish in Japan in the finest where they were seen and interpreted to be a symbol of friendship and love according to the Japanese culture. Most people in the world today referred to keep their Koi fish in water gardens or Koi ponds because they are bought for decorative purposes. The beautiful colors and the bodies of Koi fish, which have been created through selective breeding, are the reason as to why they are very famous in the world today.

The number of varieties of Koi fish is many which are around above 20 to provide an estimate. This is because the new Koi fish varieties are still being actively produced across the world. The color, patterns, and type of scales that are observed in Koi fish are majorly influenced by the variety that they are being. One of the things about Koi fish that are interesting to know about is the lifespan that these fish have which is estimated at around 30 to 60 years. However, there are some authenticated cases where these fish have been known to live for many more years and that whereby some of them live up to 200 years. A good example of such a fish is one legendary Koi fish that was named Hanako and was recorded to be the oldest Koi fish which lived up to 226 years.

When it comes to the size that Koi fish grow to, it is important for you to learn that the main determinants of this characteristic are the environment you raise them in, the food that you feed them and their genetics. To illustrate this point a good example would be a Koi fish that was put in a small pond with poor water quality and was unable to grow bigger than 14 inches.

Another interesting fact that you need to know about Koi fish is when it comes to the color that they have. White, black, red, yellow, blue, and cream are some of the main colors that Koi fish are known to have the world today. Since the color that Koi fish have is influenced by their variety you can use this factor to determine which variety of Koi fish you have.

Koi fish are sensitive to the sun and this is another interesting fact you need to learn about. If the Koi fish that you have put in a water garden that is not providing enough shadow for them than they’ll be risking getting sunburns. With so many Koi fish and sell it is possible for you to own one if you so desire. Click here for the best deal when it comes to the purchase of Koi fish.

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